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08 October 2022

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First Name : Hyde569
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"You two must go," said Yu Yile. "It's hard to stop you, brothers. But I hope you will think twice before you act, so as to avoid a strong enemy under the tree." Now explain the way and direction of the Dragon Slaughter Stronghold to the two people. Zhong Yihao and Mai Xiaoming immediately changed their costumes and left the Golden Dragon Inn together. Yu Yile was the only one left in the quiet courtyard. He picked up the broken teacup fragments and fell asleep on the bed with his clothes. Do not know how much time has passed, suddenly feel a fragrance of powder, touch the nose and heart. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the candle was only an inch long, and the gorgeous cold fragrance of the valley was reclining beside him, and it seemed that I was sleeping very sweetly. Yu Yile stood up, stepped down from the wooden couch, and sat down on the edge of the table. Gu Hanxiang's beauty, loved by everyone, was a great temptation to him, and he could not help turning his face away and looking twice more. Suddenly, Gu Hanxiang's eyes started and he sat up slowly. Yu Yile was stunned for a moment. "When did you come back, madam?" He asked. "I've just come back," said Gu Hanxiang. "I can't bear to wake you up when I see you have a sweet dream. But I'm so sleepy that I have to lie down with my clothes on." "Why don't you wake me up and go back to sleep, madam?" Asked Yu Yile. "I saw you sleeping soundly," said Gu Hanxiang. "When you wake up, you must be very sad." Yu Yile coughed lightly and said,smart interactive whiteboard, "a subordinate shouldn't lie in his wife's bedroom without authorization." "You don't know when I'll be back," said Gu Hanxiang. "How can I blame you?" Yu Yile smiled dumbly and thought to himself, "I'm also fascinated by her beauty. I've been talking about it for a long time, but I haven't said anything important yet." Then he straightened his face and asked, "Where is madam?" Gu Hanxiang smiled and said, "I'm dying of thirst. Will you pour me a cup of tea?" Yu Yile only felt that there was an irresistible force in her gentle smile, which made people powerless to resist, so he had to turn around and pour tea for her. But the teapots and teacups on the table were all smashed by Zhong Yihao's palm. For a while,touch screen board classroom, where to look for them? After looking for a long time, I still couldn't find a good teacup. I shook my head and sighed: "The teacups and teapots were all broken by Zhong Yihao." Gu Hanxiang frowned and said, "It's broken!" Yu Yilao said, "When Brother Zhong went back to the inn, he lost his wife's whereabouts. He was in a hurry and accidentally broke it.." Gu Hanxiang walked slowly to bed, smiled faintly, and said, "He must have been angry in his heart to break the teacup." Yu Yile said, "Brother Zhong and Mai Xiaoming have gone to the Dragon Slaughter Stronghold to track down his wife's whereabouts." "Why don't you persuade them?" Asked Gu Hanxiang in amazement? Alas! I wasn't robbed. Yu Yile said, "They are determined to leave, but their subordinates can't persuade them to stay." Gu Hanxiang hesitated for a moment, then suddenly smiled and said, "As long as they don't kill others, they probably won't cause conflict." When Yu Yile heard this, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,smart board whiteboard, he frowned and felt that the meaning of her words was very deep, but he could not fully understand it. He could not ask any more questions. With a salute, he said, "Madam, since you are sleepy, please rest earlier. Your subordinates will retire temporarily." www.xiaoshuotxt.com Chapter 17 Jade Toe Fragrance Shakes Jianghu T @ xt` small $say $heaven "hall" Gu Hanxiang gazed at Yu Yile and said with a smile, "Don't you think it's strange that I'm the only one who came back alone?" Yu Yile said, "Your ladyship's talent is peerless. You must have made arrangements long ago. You don't have to worry about your subordinates in vain." Gu Hanxiang suddenly stopped laughing and sighed faintly, saying, "Most of the people I meet are intoxicated and infatuated with my appearance, but you are not, sir. You have no desire for me." Yu Yile sighed lightly and said, "I'm flattered, madam." Clasp your fists in front of your chest and retreat sideways. The rest of the night was as happy as lying on a needle and a pillow. Gu Hanxiang suddenly returned, leaving him with a mystery that he could not solve. This mystery also gave him great trouble. It was not until after the fifth watch that he felt a little sleepy. Suddenly he heard the sound of the door. In a twinkling of an eye, he saw Zhong Yihao and Mai Xiaoming, one after the other, stepping into the room. Listen to Mai Xiaoming's shrill voice to scold only: "What Slaughter Dragon Stronghold, Bastard Turtle Stronghold, I always want to set a fire to burn it a piece of tile.". ” Yu Yile listens to what he scolds is very acrimonious, know two people did not beg cheap to come back, busy stand up to sit up, say: "You came back." "I'm back," said Zhong Yihao! Is there any news from your wife? Yu Yilao said, "Not long after you left, my wife came back safe and sound, and now she is still in a dream." Zhong Yihao hesitated and said nothing. He untied the Burmese iron soft knife from his waist and fell on the bed with his clothes. The two men seemed to have gone through a dramatic battle and were very tired. Mai Xiaoming dropped his sword and fell down. Yu Yile had a lot of words in his heart and wanted to say to Zhong Yihao, but when he saw his sleepy appearance, he could not bear to disturb him, so he had to hold it in his stomach for a while and fell asleep in a daze. The three of them slept well for a while, and did not wake up until the end of the day. Probably Gu Hanxiang was already waiting in the room. As soon as the three of them woke up, Miao Sulan immediately came over to invite them. "Where did you go last night?" Asked Zhong Yihao. Miao Sulan smiled and said, "I've never left the Golden Dragon Inn." Mai Xiaoming jumped out of bed and screamed, "You're talking nonsense. When we came back last night, there were no ghosts. All the men and women disappeared. They said they didn't go out.." "Have a sense of propriety," said Miao Sulan. "What nonsense?" Yu Yile was afraid of a conflict between the two of them. "Where is madam?" He asked. "Madam is waiting for you in the room," said Miao Sulan. "I think I have something to say to you." Zhong Yihao glanced at Yu and Mai and said, "Let's go." Go out first. Yu Yile, Mai Xiaoming and Miao Sulan followed each other and walked into Gu Hanxiang's room. Li Jie, Liu Zhen, He Zonghui, Wen Tiansheng and Wan Yingxia sat on both sides, while Gu Hanxiang sat in the middle. As soon as Gu Hanxiang saw several people, she immediately stood up and said with a smile, "You slept well.." Yu Yile was stunned for a moment. "Yes,smart boards for conference rooms," he thought, "even if I'm sleepy, I won't be so sleepy. How can I sleep until the sun rises more than three poles.." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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